Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A paragraph from "Flurr" Novella- MJB Saunders

Doug thought for a while. Amber said she didn't want to return, so she slowed down time wherever she came from. She was stabbed... He was hit by a bus. Both had traumatic outcomes. But she seemed like she previously came from a life of normality, a life of wealth perhaps. Would be getting medical attention. She said her body was waiting to die, but what if it survived, would she wake up? Or be a vegetable for the rest of her existence? No wonder she didn't want to go back. Come to think of it, did he really want to return to a life of homelessness, possibly now a life of disability and pain, with no medical attention or loved ones to care for him?

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  1. This is good max, can we have some more of this story please.......