Thursday, 23 July 2015

Shadowy Love- Short story- MJB Saunders

Ever since I first met her, she had this light inside of her that brought out all the emotions I never even knew existed and she left them floating in the air for her to breathe in. She guided me along a path of happiness. Without her everything around me was dark and lifeless. She was stronger than me in almost every way; she was like a lifeline to me. But here I am now. Sitting in my house of emptiness.

"Edahs?" my wife called over.
"What is it?" I answered, feeling interrupted by her presence.
"What's bothering you? You've barely touched your dinner. Is something wrong?" She asked me with concern.
"No darling. I'm just feeling a little bit ill. I think I may have the flu."
"Oh." She smiled subtly.
"You're nervous aren't you?"
"Nervous about what? I'm not nervous?"
"Ede. It's only human to be nervous about a job interview!"

I hate it when she calls me that. Ede. Like my real name isn't good enough. But I dare not reveal there is something wrong about it, oh no. Every time I have a problem, it suddenly gets manipulated into her problem and suddenly I am to blame.
"I suppose." I lied.
"I'm here for you. You know that. I'll always be here for you."

Those words kill me inside. Like knowing I will never be able to escape. She's here for me. She loves me. But I don't think I'll ever be able to love her back. Not now.

"Yes sweetie?"
"I'll be coming home late tonight. I'm supposed to be meeting Jim for a drink over at the Mary York after the interview."
"Oh okay. I just..." She looked down.
"I thought that maybe we could do something... You know, to celebrate?"
"I don't even know if I'll get the job." I said half heartedly. I know I'll get the job. I'm practically over-qualified in every aspect.
"Well forget it. Spend your night with another man then." She hissed and walked into the other room.
She was half right, I am having an affair.

Two hours had passed and I'm already sitting in an insufficiently padded chair being held hostage in front of a desk with two stern looking interviewers behind it.
"Basically I want this to be an informal, light hearted interview so we can really get to know you and see what kind of employee you'll be within our company. Remember there is no wrong answer. What was your name again, sorry?"
"Edahs." I smiled.
"Do you have any hobbies or interests Ede? Sorry do you mind if I call you Ede?"
"No not at all." I began to sweat. "And yes I have a few hobbies. But they're really not that interesting."
"No hobby is a boring hobby!"
"That's right." The other interviewer chimed in.

This is ridiculous. I just want to be with her. My one true love. I want to run away and be with her forever, with no ties or lies or wives. It would be perfect. Just me and her. Together.

"I like to fix light-bulbs." I half-smiled.
The interviewers seemed silently amused. I'm saying the wrong things. I can't not have this job.
"Ede, I know this is an interview, but honestly you don't have to pretend to do the job you're applying for in your spare time!" They both chuckled to each other as if I was the idiot.
"It's a real hobby of mine actually." I followed their amusement with a light chuckle. "I've studied it for twelve years now. All quantities of electronics and engineering actually, but light-bulbs are my favourite."
"Well, as long as you put that same enthusiasm into your work with us you'll be just fine!" The interviewer gave me a strange look. Almost a sarcastic look. My arm-pits are damp now. The interviewer asked me several more questions which were practically entirely irrelevant, so I just told him what he wanted to hear before he wrapped it up with his last question.

"So, like all interviews, I must ask! Why do you want to work for our company?"
Really? He's asking me why? As if my hobby doesn't explain it all.
"It's just something I'm good at I suppose. I've always enjoyed it and I'd like to be able to work for the community to keep the streets safer at night."
"Well I think that's given us plenty to think about. We'll let you know within a few days as to whether we'll make you part of the team." He stood and extended his hand. I wondered why the other interviewer was there. She barely did anything except agree with him and make me nervous. Maybe that was the plan.
I shook his hand, praying that he didn't notice how sweaty my palms were.

It's over. Now I can 'go and meet Jim at the Mary York for a drink'... My wife would kill me if she knew. Seriously, Lilly has had a terrible time with men before me and she truly believes I'm the love of her life. I'd love her if I could. But the love of my life is waiting for me on Sunny Avenue. I can't stop thinking about her. I love the way she dresses. So revealing, but delicate. Her curves show at the waist and I usually blush when I notice them. She is the light of my life. We're meant to be together. I feel connected to her, like she can tell me things without having to even speak.

I'm in the car. I'm almost there. The interview was timed perfectly. I originally thought that an interview so late in the day would be inconvenient, but it isn't. Not when I get to see my love at night. Everything comes alive in the dark. I get to appreciate her personality more than her looks which is so refreshing sometimes. If I stared at her for too long I would probably go blind with lust. She is usually always turned on and it makes me have miniature explosions.

I finally arrive after a journey that felt like eternity. I see her waiting for me on the pavement. She looks beautiful. I pull my car over next to her. She greets me with a bright smile and I exit the car to embrace her. Her skin is cold to touch and firm, yet it makes me feel warm and aroused. I look up to her dazzling light and rest my head against her cold metal frame.
"I love you." I sigh with content. She says nothing, but she doesn't have to. I know she feels the same.
"I'm getting a job!" I let out. "I'm doing it for you."
'What are you doing baby?' I feel her reply.
"I'm going to be doing lamp maintenance. So I can always keep your light shining."
I rest my hand on her curve and hold her until I'm shivering. She is still and loving, she is always there for me. I hold her until morning, then she falls asleep with exhaustion.

"Goodnight sweetheart." I kiss her cold neck which had collected condensation over night.
I hate leaving her like this. I see how the other lamps look at her. It makes me sick.

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